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Pattern Similarity S&P-500 Forecast for the Last Two Weeks of July 2010

Pattern similarity method predicts stock market downtrend-uptrend reverse during the last two weeks of July 2010. The chart below was calculated and plotted using Investment Analyzer InvAn-4. 80 historical days are used to predict within next 10 trading days. With settings for 10 best matches, the Analyzer scans among 153990 cases. The chart shows that S&P-500 index may continue a downtrend with fluctuation then gradually reverse to a moderate uptrend. The reverse point is expected on July 21 with a minimum value around 1050.

Pattern Similarity S&P-500 Forecast for the Last Two Weeks of July 2010

InvAn-4 searches for the best match from internal database by scanning all historical data. It ranks all possible matches on the basis of minimum deviation and maximum correlation within given historical period. Pattern matching is performed using open, high, low, and close prices and volume data. When scanning is completed, it composes forecast using several best matched patterns (top ranked). The composite result is built as a weighted average with weights proportionally patterns’ ranks. The number of patterns that form composite forecast can be adjusted.

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July 2010 Stock Market Technical and Fundamental Forecast

S&P-500 Technical Analysis Forecast. The forecast based on cycle analysis (charts below by Stock Market Predictor SMAP-3) indicates a possible uptrend around 2-8% in July.

July 2010 Stock Market Technical and Fundamental Forecast

S&P-500 Fundamental Analysis Forecast. There are four negative factors (at least) that may drag the stock market down in July: (1) inadequate fundamental data for a fast economical recovery; (2) sluggish market summer season; (3) the lack of good news; (4) re-adjusted investors expectation.

Nothing in this piece or blog should be construed as investment advice in any way. Always do our own research or/and consult a qualified investment advisor. It is wise to analyze data from multiple sources and draw your own conclusions based on the soundest principles. Be aware of the risks involved in stock investments

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