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Technology Sector Might Do Well During the Next Three Months

The chart below shows the comparative analysis of expected sectors’ performance for the next three months – April, May, and June of 2011. The 11 sectors (no data for Conglomerates) have been composed of selected more than 500 US and Canadian stocks. Apparently, Technology and Financial sectors look the best:

Technology Sector Might Do Well During the Next Three Months

The chart has been calculated using Investment Analyzer InvAn-4. The calculation is based on a rank of stocks. Sector ranks distribution allows making comparative analysis of sectors’ ratings (sectors are formed from the stocks recorded in InvAn-4 internal database). The highest ranked stocks are expected to be the most probable best performers within the next three-month period. Stocks are ranked on the basis of the composite rating which is a combination of fundamental, technical, and timing ratings. Such combination allows realistic modeling the quality of a company and its stock in the market.

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