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This blogsite is intended for stock market investors and traders

Neither bear nor bull market is bad because both can be used to the benefits of knowledgeable investors – the most important thing is stock market predictability. Basically, the stock market prediction can be built on the following approaches: Efficient Market Hypothesis (it states that the prices captures all known information), Fundamental analysis (it considers companies performance), or Technical analysis (it uses historical prices and volumes statistics to detect trend). Using the combination of these methods may improve the accuracy of prediction.

Any prediction can fail. Nothing in this blog should be construed as investment advice in any way. Always do your own research or/and consult a qualified investment advisor. It is wise to analyze data from multiple sources and draw your own conclusions based on the soundest principles. Be aware of the risks involved in stock investments.

The technical charts of forecasts presented here are mostly generated by stock market software tools that have been developed by Addaptron Software ®. The content here is copyrighted and (re)-published with permission of the copyright owner(s). Further reproduction prohibited without permission. You may include a live link to our blog/page on your site/page with the use of proper citation when referring to content found here.

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