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Addaptron Software Releases New Stock Market Software SMT1

Addaptron Software announced a software release, SMT1 (Stock Market Tools, release 1), a new advanced software system for End-Of-Day (EOD) traders. One of new advantages is all-in-one output forecast signal. This signal (number) is the result of processing data by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Forecast Module. The set of data consists of technical indicators, waves prediction, pattern filter, and cycles extrapolation. Based on Machine learning results, AI decides how to interpret all relevant data and express the conclusion in a single number.

SMT1 is intended for EOD traders with intermediate or advanced knowledge in the Stock Market and computer software. The software consists of four major functionalities: Forecast, Backtest, Simulation, and Tracking. SMT1 is provided with User’s Manual which helps to understand the general structure of the software, connections between functional modules, and how effectively utilize all features.

The software uses EOD historical prices data as input. SMT1 includes a free Downloader that allows downloading EOD historical quotes files of selected symbols (some of most traded leveraged ETFs) from Addaptron Software server for free. Optionally, users can use own input data files. User’s Manual explains how to use own input files.

The main concept of the software is to work (i.e., predict, simulate and optimize trading performance) with the group of well-traded leveraged ETFs to maximize overall return. Each ETF has inverse counterpart and represents different industries that allows finding a potential winner every day. Although the software is suited to a specific niche, users can try to use own group of symbols.

Stock Market traders use different types of sell signal to exit position. Since exit signal cannot be reliable enough, some traders use stop loss and profit target to exit position. Addaptron Software has done numerous computer simulations to learn if adding more exit conditions can improve trading return. The research discovered that a better trading return in the long run can be achieved by using as many as four conditions for exit. This multi-trigger exit concept has been implemented in SMT1 as a new 4-Way Exit Method. This is another SMT1 advantage.

The software also includes an extra feature to record buy-sell transactions, analyze a current position, recommend the action, and measure trading performance. Since AI is able to optimize many settings parameters, the number of user-defined parameters is minimized so that users can save time.

Downloading and installing SMT1 is a very easy process and explained step-by-step on download page . All retail traders are eligible for free fully-functional version during initial 30-day period.

The example of SMT1 user interface: tab-page Simulation (back testing)

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Stock Market Forecast for the Last Two Weeks of September 2010

The chart below shows S&P-500 index forecast for the last two weeks of September by pattern similarity. The prediction has been done using Investment Analyzer InvAn-4:

Stock Market Forecast for the Last Two Weeks of September 2010

A possible prediction is a slight downtrend until September 28 and then uptrend.

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Stock Market Forecast for August 16-27 by Pattern Similarity

A pattern recognition system is to classify data based on statistical information excerpted from the data. Normally, a pattern recognition system consists of data input, converter, an extraction processor to classify accordingly to descriptive scheme, and output grouped data. The statistical classification of patterns assumes that the patterns are generated by a probabilistic system.

Some patterns can be repeatable in the future, therefore, we can use selected present patterns to predict the future pattern. Investment Analyzer InvAn-4 (IA) by Addaptron Software has an extra feature to predict stock or index prices using pattern similarity. The prediction period can be chosen within a range 1..60 trading days; the period of historical data that used for matching recommended in 4..16 times longer than prediction period. IA searches for the best matches by scanning all historical data from the internal database.

IA ranks all possible matches on the basis of maximum correlation and minimum deviation within given historical period. IA performs pattern matching using open, high, low, and close prices and volume data. When scanning is completed, IA composes forecast using several best matched patterns (top ranked). Since the statistical regularities of the patterns help to create more stable picture, IA allows adding up many top-rated patterns. The composite result is built as a weighted average with weights proportionally pattern ranks.

The chart below shows S&P-500 Index forecast for August 16-27, 2010 by Investment Analyzer. The forecast is a small uptrend and then a bigger downtrend:

Stock Market Forecast for August 16-27 by Pattern Similarity

Nothing in this piece or blog should be construed as investment advice in any way. Always do our own research or/and consult a qualified investment advisor. It is wise to analyze data from multiple sources and draw your own conclusions based on the soundest principles. Be aware of the risks involved in stock investments

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Vote To See Stock Market Forecast for the next Week

This is a page “Vote To See Stock Market Forecast for the next Week” where you are invited to build a collective forecast. Please share your opinion by voting and see the result of composite forecast. If you use more than one method, approach, or tool for prediction, it could be reasonable to give a vote for each one. All participants may benefit from building a simple average forecast. However, do not put too much trust in any method alone – make your own conclusion.

The more methods and information are taken into consideration, the more precise an investment-related solution and, consequently, the more profitable is investing.

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