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The more methods and information are taken into consideration, the more precise an investment-related solution and, consequently, the more profitable is investing. There is Expert Method. This method can be explained by following. As example, an experimentalist shows a pen and asks about 40 people to write down their estimate of the length. Then he collects notes and calculates the average number – normally it is almost 100% accurate. Why it works? Everyone makes errors in different directions so that averaging gives a precise result.

There is a webpage where you are invited to build a collective forecast. Please share your opinion by voting and see the result of composite forecast. If you use more than one method, approach, or tool for prediction, it could be reasonable to give a vote for each one. All participants may benefit from building a simple average forecast. However, do not put too much trust in any method alone – make your own conclusion.

Link to S&P-500 weekly forecast

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